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Moonstone & Crater

*New* Claire

*New* Claire

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Ships for free in the US! Use code CLAIRE 🥰

***Wig will not be attached until her sealer coats have been applied, which will be finished at the end of this week*** 🥰

She’s not from here, but she thinks she blends into Earth life pretty well. She arrived here in the late 50s and enjoys old sitcoms, gardening, and long earrings. Oh, and the color pink. Always the color pink!   
Claire is an old vintage fiberglass mannequin that has been fit with elf ears, a new paint job, and has undergone a rigorous repair and recovery process.  Each elf ear is custom to fit each individual vintage mannequin ear. Claire is handpainted and one of a kind, making her unique and perfect for showcasing your jewelry at vendor events, on social media, or in  your brick and mortar store.


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