CraterFace Care & Installing

Moonstone & Crater is not responsible for damages from improper handling. Make sure to hang your CraterFace in a climate controlled environment, never on a screen porch and never in the path of direct sunlight, as this could cause the pieces on your CraterFace to overheat during the day, shrink at night, and loosen them over time. Never put your CraterFace outside, on a screened in porch, or in a room that faces extreme temperatures (i.e, a sunroom). 
Dust when needed, never use cleaning agents. Use a soft cloth dampenend with water, at the most.
CraterFaces have been meticulously made- there are lots of sculpting, painting, sanding, etc. They are dusted before shipping to you, but sometimes the shipping process can jar some dust off of the sculpture in hidden areas. Just gently wipe away with a cool, damp cloth if this happens to you!

Be mindful while unwrapping:

Chain and other dangle details are very delicate, as they are supported by thin plastic leaves/petals/details. Yanking or being forceful with the chain may cause the drilled hole in the leaf to rip. When unpacking, very gently and carefully remove the packaging around the chains. Sometimes it’s best to carefully pick up your CraterFace by putting your hand underneath their back and lifting them up, letting some of the packaging fall away and going from there.

To hang:

  • Hanging on a stud is recommended
  • Make sure the nail isn’t too far out from the wall- if it is, it could bend the metal bracket over time, snapping the hanging hardware from the resin. You want it to be as flush as possible.
  • Do not put your hands around the CraterFace and hold by outside leaves, crystals, mushrooms, or flowers; this will cause these details to snap off. Support your CraterFace by holding the back, or putting their nose in the palm of your hand and spreading out your fingers.
  • While hanging, be mindful of any crystals, specifically Lithium Quartz, Celestite, or geodes (especially pink amethyst). You should never grab your CraterFace by any of her crystals, but these especially will easily break and snap off as they are low on the hardness scale. Lithium Quartz in particular is the most fragile of them all, which makes them bad to move around, but great for CraterFaces since they face the wall.
  • To hang, place the palm of your hand just underneath the nose. Spread out your fingers as far as possible to support the weight from the center of the head. Have one hand behind.