Jewelry Care

Brass is a popular metal that can be prone to tarnishing, and polymer clay is a lightweight clay that requires special care. If your jewelry has brass or polymer clay components, please follow these instructions.

  • Do not wear in shower or submerge fully in water
  • Keep away from hairspray, perfume, lotion, oils, creams, alcohol, acetone, and harsh cleaners (you may wear jewelry after applying perfume or hairspray, once both have dried).
  • Wear on a clean, dry body
  • Use polishing cloth if tarnishing occurs
  • Do not sleep in earrings
  • When not in use, store in a sealed air tight bag or air tight jewelry box to protect jewelry from exposure to elements



To clean, focus on stud, hook, lever-back, or plug. Clean with a damp towel and a drop of warm, soapy water. Focus only on the stud, hook, lever-back, or plug. Try to avoid the other components of the earring. Dry immediately. If there is an instance where the full earring must be cleaned- gently clean with a warm, damp (not soaked) soft cloth and a drop of mild soap (like hand soap). Be very gentle with polymer clay pieces that have painted detailing. Rinse away soap, dry thoroughly immediately, and polish brass components with a cloth afterwards. 

Polymer clay components have resin on the backs for an easy clean-up and to protect the clay from makeup stains- simply wipe makeup off the backs with a damp cloth and viola!


Where extra care is needed:

On occasion, lotions, face and/or hair creams, perfumes and hairspray, may cause the brass components to get a little dramatic turn blue. This is an easy fix! Simply use Brasso, ketchup, or a mixture of lemon & baking soda and polish away!

Please never, ever, ever use acetone, hairspray, alcohol, or other strong cleaners around polymer clay components. This will break down the clay and resin which will result in cloudy, sticky surfaces.



As part of the packing process, Mable polishes all jewelry items. Neither Mable nor Moonstone & Crater are responsible for the care and upkeep of your jewelry once they have reached your hands.