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Moonstone & Crater

Galaxy Earrings in Stainless Carnelian *Viral*

Galaxy Earrings in Stainless Carnelian *Viral*

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Earring weight according to Mable: probably average weight if you’re used to statement earrings

Your faves but in the highly requested silver color! Everything is stainless steel except the sun burst (anodized aluminum) and the crescent moon around earth (silver plated brass). 

Please keep in mind the one you receive may look slightly different because these are natural, high grade crystals that all have slightly different hues! :)

Healing crystal beads representing our home Galaxy to scale. ❤️ 

The Sun- Carnelian-  Creativity & motivation
Mercury- Gray Crazy Lace Map Jasper- Supreme protector, nurturing, connection to Mother Earth
Venus- Rainbow Moonstone- Mental clarity, shields from negativity, connects to energy from the moon
Earth- Bronzite Turquoise- Calmness, peace, and adaptability
Mars- Rainbow Lattice Sunstone- Warmth & openness, very high vibrations 
Jupiter- Crazy Lace Agate- Lightness, peace & tranquility, happiness & laughter 
Saturn- Orange Gray Sunstone- clears and energizes chakras, promotes independence and originality, joy, friendship
Uranus-  Iolite- Visualization, logic & intuition; helps strengthen your heart & third eye
Neptune- Blue Tiger’s Eye- Calm & Focus


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